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Hello, and welcome to Betlogix.com. My name is Jim Martzall and I'm glad you are here.

I started formulating Betlogix.com during the NFL season of 2009. I was intrigued by the seemingly impossible task of attaining a safe and steady bankroll growth over time.

I wasn't interested in the big wins, I wanted to grow my bankroll month in and month out consistently over time. My goal was 20% per month. Most experts said it couldn't be done. I thought it could.

I started experimenting with sides, parlays, total, teasers, etc. trying to figure out a way to beat the books and attain a rate of return that was high enough to overcome the inherent disadvantage that all Bettors face: the 10% vig or commission that books charge to take a bet. Only a very few of the best handicappers and professional sports bettors in the world are able to profit consistently in sports betting.

I have always been an analytical person, interested in numbers and math (and sports to a certain extent). I started to research different mathematical models and equations as well as different betting combinations and techniques. Over time I started to develop my own theorems and formulas and I started to put them into play in real world betting situations.

Through that process I came to realize and understand that to attain the goal of 20% per month growth consistently, my method would have to incorporate a three-step technique.


Three Step technique

Design algorithmic computer programs to analyze data to arrive at a better starting point.

Compare my numbers with the lines that the books put out to find and exploit the deviation between the two to find betting opportunities.
Use different combinations and types of bets (teasers for example, which allow us to move the point spread in our favor) to further increase my odds of success and to hedge risk.

A very important part of my analysis was understanding what a "line" really meant.

To clarify.

I used to think that I was playing against The Bookies or The House when I was betting. That they were the enemy out to get me. And that's not the case. Bookies don't put out a line trying to predict the winner of a game, or to bet against the player. Books put out what they consider a "quality" line that gives them the best chance of getting an equal amount of action on either side of the game. And as money comes in on either side of that line that line will move up or down in an attempt to equalize the amount of money on each side of that particular game.


So a perfect game for a Book is one with exactly the same amount of money on both sides of the event. That guarantees them their 10% vig.

And it's very important to understand this point when we talk about Deviation. Understanding the Books motivation and the Bettor's motivations, and then analyzing the data, I recognized a Deviation between the two that occurs fairly often. It's there if you know and believe your data and you know what you are looking for.


So the process goes like this:

  • Step 1
    My first step is to use math and data to figure out the real probability of the next outcome of the next game or games. I wrote the algorithms and then hired a computer programming team to incorporate them into Betlogix.com. My software analyzes thousands of factors of each team in each game.
  • Step 2
    I compare my data to the data from the books and determine the Deviation between my expected outcome of a game and the lines that The Books put out. If the deviation is great enough then that determines a betting opportunity. For example: The Spurs are playing Golden State and my data says the Spurs should win by 7. The Vegas line says Spurs should win by 3. That is an example of a deviation and a betting opportunity. Note: The deviations that represent betting opportunities are different for each sport.
  • Step 3
    Use blended betting techniques and multiple hedges to maximize profit and minimize risk. Depending on the sport and the bet we may further move a line in our favor with a teaser or may use a parlay (we frequently use parlays). You will rarely see a straight bet at betlogix (unless its a hedge) and you will never have all of your stake at risk.

To be clear. Some days there are no picks on the Picks pages because there are no Deviations and therefore no betting opportunities. I won't put out a play just for action if it may potentially hurt my subscribers rate of return. At Betlogix it's all about bankroll growth. Otherwise its just a coin toss (and there are lots of those sites out there).

This is what we offer our valued subscribers on our Picks page and this is our only product.

My commitment to you is that we will deliver you results and that we will strive to continue to strive to improve those results.

I will not be satisfied with 20% as the benchmark. We will continue to refine and improve our programming and techniques and betting combinations as we continue to identify variances and deviations.

We will also continue to add more sports to the mix; currently we offer NFL, NCAAF, NBA, and MLB.

Welcome to Betlogix